Monday, October 13, 2008

Walgreens and other shopping

I was too overwhelmed to take photos. I did a marathon shopping day. Six and a half hours.

3 albacore tuna -$.79 each
Lypsyl $2.99 Free after rebate
2 pledge each $3.49-$2 Q's-$1 rebate =$.49 each
Scrubbing bubbles gel $4.49-$2.00 Q-$2rebate
shout $2.50- $1.50Q-$1 rebate =free
pert $3.49- $2.5 Easy saver Q+ $1 Q=free

OOP $14.15 (will receive $7.99 from rebates)

Wendy's for lunch for 4 of us $4.07 We each got a $1.00 sandwich and used a coupon that is printed on the back of football tickets that give you a free frosty shake with any purchase. So we all tried the frosty shakes. Don't forget to look for coupons on the backs of receipts.

Party City- $16.14
3 packs with 4 telescopes $8.97 each
Bag of gold coins $3.99
2 pages of Pirates of the Carribean tatoos $1.98

Target- $11.88
Bandaids $1.32 son's shoe was rubbing on his heel
Reveal light bulbs $2.00-$1 Q= $1
3 Tide single trial size packs $.99 each - $.99 Q (*see note)=free
2 All small and mighty trial size $1-$1 Q= free
Tylenol 8 ct $.97- $1= made $.03
2 Old spice deo $1.99 each (husband likes old classic that NEVER has a coupon)
4 Kraft easy pac $79 each - $1/2 q's= $.29 each
22 Carnation Instant breakfast- $4.89- $2 Qs $2.89- I messed up and bought the huge can instead of packets. I forgot my mission and saw that it was cheaper per serving than the packets and bought it. But, in shopping coupon deals and getting free stuff you don't work it that way. You buy the smallest, usually, and wait for the next coupon to get more for a better price. I just reverted to old ways.
Pack of 12 wash cloths $2.99

*Note on Tide. The cashier told me I couldn't buy the single size Tide because the coupon said for the size indicated. I nicely told her it said any size and showed her. She called a manager and he said the same thing. So I showed him, emphasizing the word any. He told her to reduce the coupon to $.99. It is always so funny when they have already rang up an item that made me $.03. It is easy to get intimidated by cashiers and managers who do not know coupon policy. When a coupon says any you can purchase any size product they make. The store is reimbursed for that coupon. They have every right to reduce the amount of the coupon to the price of the item. They just need to understand and know how to take the coupons and not treat people like they are trying to commit fraud.

Walgreens- $20.95
3 tuna $.79 each
Nivea Body wash - $4.99 $2 Q-free after rebate= profit $2
Loreal towelettes $6.99-$2 Q= $4.99-( $6.99 rebate)
2 windex $2.50- $2Q-$1 rebate each= free
2 oust $2.99-$2Q-$1 rebate=free
Glade candle $1.99-$1 Q-$1 rebate = free
Glade wisp $3.49- $2 Q-$2 rebate = profit $.51
fantastic $2.5-$1,50Q-$1 rebate = free

OOP $20.95- Rebate items $19.98


Marva said...

You are such a great shopper! Hope your son feels better soon! I know how you feel about finally getting ahead a little and out the door it goes for an emergency. I guess we are blessed to have had it though.

It will get better with the kiddos and heck no I can barely handle my twins some days. I'll be praying for ya sista!

Okay........question. I went to Target the other day with my $3 off any 3 Buddies products. I chose the $.99 Buddy bar soaps. The cashier told me the product must be the same amount as the coupon or more. She would not reduce the amount of the coupon. So she called the manager and the manager told me I would have to buy the more expensive products to use the coupon. I left with my coupon and without my kiddos fav soap. I was so mad.

So, what do you think? What would you have done?


Southerner said...

Marva, here is a link to the official Target policy on using coupons.,t5192. It states that they adjust the price down on the product. This is exactly what I was talking about... even managers are not knowledgable on what corporate policy is in a lot of instances. That is why it is good to know and be able to not be decieved by their inability to understand. If, after I nicely explained that they can reduce the amount down they still didn't budge I would just ask for my coupon and tell them that I did not want that item then. I do try to always remain polite because it is not worth saving $1 to be rude. If, after knowing the policy and trying to explain it and getting no where the next thing that you could do is to contact corporate and let them know the situation so they can better train their employees. I have about 20 buddies soap that I bought at Walmart and Target and have never had a problem. I actually got it without having the price reduced, so try again with another person.