Sunday, July 27, 2008

My cruise wardrobe

This is what I am wearing the first day. White capris and a blue tunic with very comfortable sandals.
Casual dress that I will wear two of the nights for dinner.
Black dress that I will wear two nights to the more formal dinners. One night I will use turquoise jewelry.
Same dress with pink jewelry.
Plaid shorts and turquoise sleeveless polo.
Khaki shorts and white sleeveless polo.

Denim shorts and striped hoodie top. The top is so soft and comfortable!
My tankini that I will try to hide as much as possible!

I am also taking some yoga style pants to exercise in and some white tee shirts. I spared you photos of my undies. It is not the most exciting wardrobe, but everything will go with the other pieces and it will be very hot so all the pieces are lightweight and cool. My sandals are very comfortable for walking. My heels are not too hight. They had really cute "cocktail" type shoes but I chose the black Mootsie Tootsies because I will wear them with church outfits.


Becc said...

I am SO excited for you!!!! LOVE the outfits! I need a black dress like that for my husbands class reunion this Saturday! Any ideas?

Southerner said...

Becc- I got mine at TJMaxx for $20.00. JCPenney had stuff on clearance- a lot of sundresses and cocktail type dresses. I got my sundress for $11.00. Their dresses like the black one were around $40.00. Good luck. I chose the black because I can wad it up and it won't wrinkle. It will be great for traveling.

Peggy said...

oh how I love Cozumel!!! Great sites and wonderful snorkling and diving

Dawn said...

I love the clothes you chose! We're hoping to do our first cruise next summer. Sigh... seems like a long time away.

chelle's winks said...

have fun...can't wait to hear about it!

Tami said...

Love your tankini. I can't find one this year. I just knew Old Navy would have them but I've had no luck. Even tried the outlets in Pigeon Forge yesterday but couldn't find one. Your dress is great too. Have a great trip. Take lots of pics.

heartsfullofluv said...

Have fun on your cruise!! I love your award awaits...visit my blog.

Lisa said...

cute, cute cute!