Tuesday, July 15, 2008

An Award!

I received this award today from both Tami and Muddin Thru Motherhood and Julie at Blessedwith5
. Tami is a stay at home mom of four precious kids. She shares her life and great store deals with all of us. Tami serves the Lord by going on mission trips and working where she can. Julie is a stay at home mom to five kids. She is also under construction at her house and shares all about her life with the kiddos. I think she has to get the comment award from me because she is always first to comment almost on every post. Both these ladies are great cheerleaders and great to have around.

I am passing on the award to these five bloggers:

Sandy at 4 Reluctant Entertainers I think I found a soul sister in Sandy. She shares my love of entertaining, but she is so much better than I am! She lives too far away to invite me over so I have to pretend. So, go pretend, too. She will show you what you would eat and how her table would look if you could have been there.

Mrs. Darling at Peter Pan and Family. Mrs. Darling has childhood experience of a large family and is a great storyteller. She seems so wise beyond her years. She and I are fighting the fat together and we are going to be skinny one day. She shares her life with her precious kids and all their adventures in Sherwood Forest. For some reason I picture Mrs. Darling talking with an English accent. Whether it is true or not I picture her and her family living down a lane with a fence and flowers. Oh, she has to have a front porch so she can serve me lemonade in the rocker.

Valerie Lea from Tennessee now in AL She lives about 30 minutes from me but I have never met her in person, just blog friends. She is absolutely gorgeous. We have kids of similar ages so really need to get together. She shares the greatest photos of her family and lately is getting all crafty on us. She seems like she would be so much fun to be around.

Melissa at Off the Wall is newer to blogging, but oh my, go check her out! She has a business and can paint anything. She faux paints and decorates for actual money! I am amazed at her treatment to make metal garage doors and regular shutters look like European wood doors and shutters. I get so much inspiration from her.

Connie at Laughter By Lakeside is one of my new finds in blogworld. She is an interior decorator that specializes in faux finishes. She shows photos of homes she has done and is fabulous at glazes and paint treatments. She lives on Smith lake and is so sweet she invited all of blogland over for the 4th of July. Check out her site because it will give you lots of inspiration on how you can mistreat walls and cabinets and mantels.


Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Congratulations on your award...I'll visit the blogs you listed. Discovering new blogs is always fun!

Mrs. Darling said...

Oh you are too sweet! I dont want to burst your bubble but I dont have an English accent and I dont live a down a lane! I actually live on half an acre at the end of a cul-de-sac..very suburban. sigh

Thanks a lot for the award.

Southerner said...

Mrs. Darling- (fingers in my ears) la,la,la,la,la...I'm not listening. See, now I can still imagine you with an English accent off the country lane.

Sandy said...

Wow! Thank you so much. I seem to have found a lot of soul sisters through blogland. One even came up from Santa Barbara this weekend and we spent the weekend together!
Thanks for your very very kind words!

Valarie said...

Thank You!!! We do so need to get together. Everytime I am out I will always look around and think it would be so neat to just happen to run into you. It very possible!!

Melissa Lewis - Off The Wall said...

Well first, congratulations on receiving the award yourself!

Second, I'm honored at receiving this award from you. You are too kind! Thanks so much for the sweet words about our blog and our work!

Connie said...

WOW! Thank you so much for chosing little ol' me for this award. I am very humbled that I was chosen. As I mentioned in my blog, I never win anything...Not even free food.
Congratulations on your award. I have enjoyed reading yours...just about every day. It would be neat to meet up in H'ville for coffee or something. I was just there before vacation and thought about you. This blogging thing is so fun and rewarding.
Thanks again for your sweet mentionings.

Anonymous said...