Thursday, May 1, 2008

Iron Out and Boo Boo

This happened yesterday when we returned home from the store. He slammed it in the door. Do you think he will be able to bat well and throw tonight? He is just fine until he realizes it is time to clean or do anything. Then it huurts and he holds it up all still.

Who is the brilliant person that gives 7 and 8 year old white baseball pants and then schedules pictures half way through the season? This is the before photo of what they look like now. Moms on our team swear by a product called Iron Out and say that it gets all the red clay we have here in N Alabama out. So, I bought some yesterday at Walmart and am giving it a try. You find it in the plumbing section of the store near the drano. It says it gets the rust out of toilets and clothing is mentioned. I am leary about putting this in my washing machine, I don't want to mess something up in my machine. I used 1/2 cup, it is a powder. I turned off the machine to let it soak for a little while after it mixed with the water in the machine. I have a front loader so I used a regular cycle so that I would have enough water to cover the pants. I also am trying it with warm wash and cold rinse. I am going to complete this washing cycle, then wash with the rest of my whites with regular Tide detergent. I do know not to bleach them. One, bleach does not get out these dirt stains, but my husband was a football official and they were told to never bleach their pants because it yellows the white. You can tell if someone has bleached them when they are under the stadium lights. I tried one year with a pair of my sons old pants that had stains that did not come out. I actually wet the pants and put straight bleach on the spots and scrubbed and they still did not come out. So.... check back later to see if this product works.


chelle's winks said...

Darker pants would be better...might not look as good but it would hide the red clay better!

Tami said...

Both of my sons have white baseball pants that look just like this. Red mud will not come out. If you get it out with White Out, let me know.