Thursday, May 29, 2008

Garden update

All you seasoned gardeners hold your laughs. I am new to this and started late and am like a little baby taking first steps, so don't knock me down. I am really excited to see something growing, but I sure am glad we have Kroger and Walmart nearby so that we won't starve. I have three tomato plants and a green pepper - I have a container patio tomato plant on the deck.
In the foreground is Kentucky pole beans. They are coming along pretty well. I need to create a trellis at this end of the bed. On the right is cucumber plants. The darker area between the pole beans and tomatoes is where I replanted lima beans(butter beans) this past Saturday. They are poking their little heads up this morning.
Mater. Um, um, fried green tomatoes, fresh tomatoes on salad- which I will have to buy because none of my lettuce or spinach made it.
This is the second bed. I have more pole beans in the foreground. The next green stuff is bush beans. I planted butter beans in the area between last weekend on the right side- on the left is either okra or butter beans which came up from 1st planting, but it is too close where I planted the rows to know now which it is. In the far left is a squash plant with lots of room around it. I planted carrots and marigolds on the far right and don't know if the green stuff is any of that of weeds so I am not pulling them yet.

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