Wednesday, April 23, 2008

War on Clutter

My daughter saw me taking photos and asked,"What are you taking pictures of... the biggest mess ever?!" So, not only am I going to embarrass my husband and my own little selfie, but I guess my kiddos too. Biblical womanhood is asking us to declare war on clutter and show our before and after photos. Great timing because we are having a garage sale this Saturday. I have been piling garage sale stuff on the wall in the garage since we moved in Thanksgiving weekend. I have been going through each room this week to get everything else to put in the sale. Disclaimer: my husband has had two trips to Colorado this past month. We have baseball or church every night of the week. We have other things going on with all the kids so my house feels out of control. I have not even been getting dinner- it is soup, sandwich, macaroni and cheese, cereal- whatever you want to put together- just hurry up and get in the car.

So, are you ready for the photos? This is my medicine cabinet above the refrigerator. I have been actually throwing up the medicines that I get free from CVS and Walgreens because I have to get a chair to reach this cabinet. We still have not painted the doors to the cabinets- we are waiting till we have some space in the garage after the garage sale.

This is for the garage sale

This is the cabinet now

This is my laundry room at the moment. The ironing board is out because nothing has been ironed and we are ironing each morning before work. There is clothes to go in the dryer, clothes to fold from the dryer and a mountain of dirty clothes to wash today. I have stuff on the top of the washer and dryer and the shelves are a mess. Look at all the hanging clothes that need ironing!

Now, I worked all day yesterday after school getting this priced and weeding through it. I have all the stuff in the back to price and sort today through Friday for the sale on Saturday. It is overwhelming and I hope I make some money for all this work. I really need the space. I also have to finish going through the stuff in each room to add to this pile. See the beautiful color? My whole house including garage, closets, rooms, everywhere was painted this same color. I hope to start a tour of each room after the sale. We will be able to really get back to work remodeling after we get some garage space to work painting cabinets and stuff.


Mrs. Darling said...

Oh my word! What a lot of stuff! Lol I wish I could attend that garage sale!!

Marva said...

Man! My pile is almost as big! Not quite, but almost. If you lived a little closer I would ask to come to the sale. Looks like it is going to be a great one!

Blessings and thanks for sharing!

MyKidsMom said...

HaHa..we also throw our meds above the fridge..I should probably organize that soon:)

I wish we could have a garage sale now. I can't stand some of this stuff hanging around til June or July, so Goodwill's in luck I quess.

Thanks for stopping by my blog~

Tami said...

My house looks just like yours. I'm overwhelmed because we can't seem to find any time to stay at home to get anything done. But I'm just trying to hold out for some time off. Maybe next week. Hopefully!

Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

Oh, the ironing. I don't think I've ironed anything in years!! Really. I just refuse. I try to get things straight out of the dryer and if they seem a little wrinkly still, I spray them down with that Downey Wrinkle Releaser. I HATE to iron, can you tell? Luckily my husband works construction, so he doesn't really need freshly ironed slacks or anything.