Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Graduation Party Ideas

Some of the ideas that I have so far....

Cover books with bright paper and stack on table- use as lifts for food table.

Use our GIjoe and Sponge Bob metal lunch boxes and soft case lunchboxes as serving containers for sandwiches, chips, etc.

Use paper sacks, roll down the top edge, as serving containers.

Cover table and cloth with clear cloth and put photos underneath.

Make up a Pop Quiz with questions.

Put lights in the trees and on the fence out back. Make luminaries with cans and candles to set around. Have floating candles in the pond.

Get her high school and her college shirts/ banners etc to put around.


Simply Heart And Home said...

Hi. I saw your comment on Jen's site and came on over. Nice to meet you.

I've 4 children and my youngest is going away to college in the fall.

Great ideas for your graduation party! The years pass too quickly, don't they!

Have a lovely day


Marva said...

Great ideas for the party! i left the recipe on the post for the ham rolls! Keep up the good work!