Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Oral Surgeon

I was surprised when we saw the oral surgeon the other week at how much it is costing us out of pocket. On top of our out of pocket $7600.00 orthodontic bill we will have to pay $880.00 per child (x 2) for wisdom teeth removal. My one son will also be having his adenoids removed with his wisdom teeth so we are doing that in July to coordinate having it done at one time. I don't know how much the cost will be for the adenoid removal. Medical is better than dental. We are using an out of network oral surgeon so we are paying a little more for those surgeries. I just wanted to use who our orthodontist (that I used to work for and trust) recommended. The oral surgeon in network is across town and I don't trust just going to anyone and having them put my kids to sleep.

I hope I don't sound like I am complaining- I just had not planned for $1760.00 to take out their wisdom teeth. I am very grateful for our dental coverage. It is picking up $1500 for each child in braces and $900.00 of the one getting an expander. When we took the job that brought us back to Alabama we didn't even think to check on dental coverage and found out we had no orthodontic even available. My husband was okay with the job he had but not really enjoying it. God blessed us so much to allow him to get the job he has now. He LOVES it and has a lot more room for growth, where he had topped out in the other job/career. We not only got orthodontic coverage, but medical monthly premiums that we have to pay are $200.00 less a month cheaper.

TRUE STORY- I worked for a pediatric dentist in Florida and we had a consult with a new patient. I was in the room with the doctor to write up the chart on what was discussed with the parent. The lady had her 5 year old child there and wanted him to pull all his baby teeth. When he questioned why, the mom said that she didn't want her little boy to have to go through the kids teasing him when he lost his teeth. She thought if we pulled them that the permenant teeth would just grow in (like a shark) It was the first time I had seen this doctor flustered. I was behind him and I could see the color go up his neck and his ears turn bright red. Poor boy, I don't think he is playing football or baseball or having any fun.


Marva said...

Man, it stinks when stuff like that happens! I know with your shopping and saving skills it can be done. It does pinch the pocket book though. Praying for you!

What a pitiful story!


chelle's winks said...

My son just went through oral surgery too. I know what you mean about not letting just anyone put your kids to sleep. That can be scary. Good luck with everything and you all are in my prayers.

Mrs. Darling said...

wow thats a lot! We have insurance that covers all that. We bascially pay 5 bucks for copay and nothing else unless its cosmetic dentistry.

I love the pic on the header! What a gorgeous family.

Southerner said...

Thanks ladies, I am glad to know that people will be praying for all to go well.

Mre. Darling- thank you for the compliment on the header photo. We went with my dad and step mother and took a bunch of photos and they are all so good. I got some great ones of the kids and my parents. It was a few years ago so I need to lose weight and get a good one of the family.

Tracye said...

You don't sound like you're complaining... I completely understand. My husband works in city government, and the insurance is CRAPPY. A couple of years ago we had two choices:

1. have our premium stay at $250/month for family coverage and have our deductible go up to $1000 per family member


2. have our premium raised to $750/month (yes, seven hundred fifty) for family coverage and have our deductible remain at $500 per family member.

I don't know about anyone else, but we didn't have an extra $500 a month just sitting around!

Tami said...

I can relate. I had to go back today because some of my teeth are starting to move again. he may end up putting braces back on in the long run byt just on the bottom. It is soooo expensive.