Tuesday, April 8, 2008

CVS and Kroger

I got all this at Kroger for$27.72. I am stocking up on gold fish, cake & cookie mixes and other stuff while it is such a good price. My daughter wanted rice and noodle mixes for after her surgery tomorrow. And broccoli! Yes, she told me to buy broccoli. How strange. I got two of the rice krispie bars with peanut butter and chocolate to give as baseball team snacks.
All this for $3.50!!!
I got all this at CVS for $39.50. I used all my ECBs plus $8.00 off of a gift card. I made back $28.00 in ECBs plus have a full rebate to send for the $7.99 Pepcid. So, after rebate I got everything for $3.50 (none out of pocket)

My monthly grocery total is now up to $326.53.


Tracye said...

We don't have CVS or Kroger here, but man do I need to start doing what you pros do at Walgreens!

My grocery bill is usually $100-150 a week, and my cart is rarely full. So depressing.

Marva said...

Look at you go! What a bargain! You do such an awesome job! Blessings!!! Praying for your daughter!