Monday, March 31, 2008

SAT testing/ Diet update

I don't know how I will be with my posting this week. We are doing SAT testing with our homeschool group. I am not used to having to get up and dressed and out of the house each morning. Between that and baseball each evening I can't sit on the computer much.

I am really surprised at how I have been able to consider what I eat and really stay focused this time on my diet. I weigh the cost of the food and have made a few allowances to stray a little, but it has been weighed and I don't let it make me decide to give it up and start another day. I went to a friend's house after testing and she had sub sandwiches. I went ahead and ate the sandwich but did not get any chips. I drank water instead of the sweet tea. I hope that I can continue on and get some weight off. I have a few future events that are mile markers. One is my daughter's graduation in May. Then, my 20th anniversary in July. Then, my birthday in August. 40th birthday. I want to start this season of my life thinner and in better shape to enjoy it. I want to hike, ski, wear a bathing suit, and have fun with the kids. All the recent photos since Christmas have shocked me. When I look in the mirror I don't see what I see in the photos. My mirror isn't full length so maybe that is a part of it. It is sad.


chelle's winks said...

You sound just like me about the pictures....What's the difference with the mirror and the snapshot UGH! It's hard work but you have good mile markers. Keep it up....

You did the right thing with the chips and tea...if you deprive yourself of everything you're bound to quit! Good job!!!

Tracye said...

I'm going to start something, too.

I type this right after I finished making/icing sugar cookies. Of course, all the icing that slid out of the bag and onto my hands had to go somewhere, right? :)

I don't know if I've said this before, but the picture in your header is BEAUTIFUL!!! And you look great! I wish I looked so good!