Monday, March 31, 2008

Mamas don't let your babies grow up to play football

Let them be sissies and sit in the stands. This is me singing.

My oldest son has just come home from after school football training. He came with an order form for required practice uniforms. We have over $200 worth of PRACTICE tees, shorts, a fleece shirt and pants, socks, and cleats. We are getting the cheap cleats at $35, but they go up to $85.

What is funny is that he has always wanted to play football. Last year when we moved he finished 8th grade and joined the Freshman team for spring training. They went every morning for conditioning. They worked out with weights and ran a lot. They were really doing a lot and he was not used to it. He puked at practice every day because he was not used to it and it was so hot. He said he wanted to quit and Marine(he really is a Marine- not he is being bossy) father said to keep at it and he would get used to it in a few days. It was Monday of the second week and my husband had a doctor appointment. On the way to our house he passed the school and decided to stop and see a little of the practice. As he drove down to the field he sees a kid on the side of the weight room building. He gets closer and sees it is our son. My son had quit football on Friday and did not have the nerve to tell us and let us drop him off Monday and was just hiding out until the end of practice. Poor kid. So, we were shocked when a week ago we got the news that he wanted to join the team this year. I don't know if it is because we went to all the games last year and he thought he was missing out by not being on the team, or if he has decided that girls like football players. Anyway, we are spending lots of money so he better not hide behind buildings this time. If he does I am making him stand on the highway with a sign that says, "I used to play football. My mom spent $200 on my clothes but I quit anyway."

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chelle's winks said...

That's funny....I hope he will stich with it this time I'd hate to know he had to stand on the edge of the hwy. with a sign.
I love football.