Saturday, March 8, 2008

Prayer for our pastor's family

Our pastor's daughter delivered her second child at 28 weeks. She has been in the hospital at Vanderbilt in Nashville for months hanging on and trying to grow. She was so fragile that she has a broken right arm, a broken left arm, and broken left femur. They knew that she would have liver damage because of the medicine that has kept her alive. They met with her team of doctors yesterday and were told
The final thing we were told is that Tori
is now suffering. We also found out after her MRI results that the lipids
have built up in a large portion of the brain causing her not to be able to
live with it like this. They also say that it has affected her heart now,
which we did not know until today. Her kidneys are also damaged, so it has
now affected her brain, kidneys, heart, liver, and spleenThe decision has been made to remove Tori's ventilator. The decision was
made to remove Tori's ventilator and let the Lord indeed have His will in
her life . It will be done with the greatest of care and concern for Tori
and the family. We cannot express how we all are hurting right now.
Mostly and more importantly Josh and Melissa are hurting. Karen and I are
hurting. Josh's family is hurting. We never dreamed we would be in this
position but we are here. We need your prayer and that would suffice us .
Prayer has sustained us and it will in the future. God Bless you all and
God is Good all the time.

Pastor Lee
We received an email that at 7:00 Tori passed away. I am glad that she did not linger because they knew she was suffering and in pain. Now she is in the hands of God surrounded by angels. She is healed and can use those broken limbs, breathe on her own, and at peace.
Her family is not, though, and I ask that you pray for them to be comforted through this. We don't know why God chose this, but hopefully someone watching from the outside was changed and seeks to know God in a true relationship.

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