Saturday, March 8, 2008

Baseball is cancelled

And this is why

We are expected to get maybe and inch which is a big deal around here. I don't know because right now all the snow on the grass has melted. Here are a couple of photos taken in my backyard

WHAT IS THIS? It was in my sink.


Tami said...

my husband says silverfish. I disagree. My son says centipede. I seriously disagree. My other son has no idea and neither do I. Good luck with whatever it is. We get lots of weird creepy crawlies where we live too.

Kim said...

I know it's not a silverfish because it's the wrong color. I found one under my sink about a year ago and it creeped me out! Got to love living in the south!

Giabella Designs said...

What on earth is that?

Marva said...

Did you find out what that creature is?

Wasn't the snow pretty? All 2 minutes worth?;) It lasted about 2 hours here! Love to see it, but I love to see it leave too! Blessings!!!!

Southerner said...

I still don't know what the creature is... other than DISPOSED. I cranked on that puppy and poured the water on!

I know, the snow was a let down from the inches that were predicted. When we woke up it was covering the ground and I didn't let the boys out to play(It was 6 AM) and it was snowing still. By 8 it was melted off the ground and they had to hunt for enough to play with.