Thursday, March 13, 2008

Please find me a home

This is Jack Bower and as much as we have tried to make him a part of our family, it is not working. If you live near us in Alabama and know anyone who could give him a good home please let us know. He is not good with kids. He is very protective and is aggressive towards our kids friends that come over. Although, it has provided many humerous occasions watching teenage boys shriek and run in terror while a tiny Yorkie chases them, it cannot go on. He bit the Direct TV guy, the next door neighbor kid, a 10 year old we had over and numerous boys that come to visit my daughter. We ordered tapes to train him and he does wonderful with the training on them but with kids they are not consistant. He needs a home without kids, we think he would do well with an older couple or single person. Please help us find a home for him.

We have someone taking Jack for the weekend to try him out. They have other dogs but no kids. Pray he will get along and find a good home.

EDITED 3/17/08 Jack has a new home. No, the people said that he did get along with their two dogs but he has too much energy.(That would be the possessed part coming out) They had a friend that saw him and wanted him so we agreed that they could take him. I am resisting the urge to scream halliluya(?) but don't want to be insensitive to my daughter and hubbie. They came home to an empty house and noticed no one greeted them. I only notice when I realize I could have left my plate of food there while I get up and nothing would have eaten it. I am glad he has a home that will be better for him. Hubbie, if you are reading, please quit crying- you are going to embarrass us when everyone at work sees you crying. He is in a better place. It won't be too quiet, we have 5 kids. If it gets too bad we can take turns biting you.

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