Sunday, February 24, 2008

Week One Diet Update

Why, oh why do I get sick every time I start trying to eat right and excercise??? Either that, or I trip over something and hurt myself. I think I am possessed with a fat monster that just won't let me do anything about it.

I am a person that is gung ho when I decide to do something, so I usually go at it and can't keep up with my expectations. I do really well with competition because I want to win. Unless I know that I am not going to win- then I play like I didn't want to win in the first place. Make sense? I do it with housekeeping too. If I can't have my cabinets completely organized from the inside I don't want to just stuff things in so I will do nothing until I can do it right. I have learned to relax that a little bit and do little bits. I make a goal. So, that is what I need to do with weight loss. I am going to make a goal to do something each week that changes from the past and slowly incorporate changes. If I do more, great, but my focus will be on the goal.

My goal for this week, since I am sick, is to drink my water. I am also going to add taking my vitamin. Everyday. I do not drink enough. I only drink when I eat and have a hard time getting in enough water. We drink two gallons of tea a day (7 people.) I am going to have one glass a day and drink water the rest of the day.

If I can feel better I will try to get back on track.

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