Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Too Fat

I started to title this Mama Has A Big Ol Butt but thought I might offend some of you sweet people who don't have "butts". He,He! I said butt twice in my blog. Are you singing the song in your head now? I have been intending on excercising tomorrow for about 2 years now. Yep, two years, maybe longer. But it has really been cold, it was hot and we were in a drought last summer, it occassionally rains or even sprinkles a few snowflakes. Somedays there is just too much to do. If I don't get up early enough everyone wants to stare at me while I try to excercise. Okay, I don't go to a gym because the pressure is too great at how stupid you look. I tried on everything and asked the question, "Does my butt look big in this?" (three times now) and the answer is always, "YES!" so who wants to be seen in public in something like that. If you see my previous post I have some cute shoes though!

No more excuses. My butt (four) will have to just look big, get over it you nosey lurkers that don't know the real me. I can't go through life waiting and being miserable and tired all the time. I am losing fun times of hiking, actually enjoying times at the beach/pool/lake, thoughts of skiing; just wishing to have a life that physically isn't much fun when you can't keep up. I have become a spectator of life instead of participating in it.

My hubbie has been excercising at the new gym where he works for a week and a half now. He is doing good. I have to make it a priority. So, I am up at 5:46 and ready to do this at 6:00. Hold me accountable. I will post my diet and excercise to hold myself to this.

I don't think anyone reads my blog but if you do I would love to have friends to do this with. Comment and we can keep each other on track.


Marva said...

Hi again! I like your blog, maybe because we have several things in common. Maybe too many things. I am a CVS freak or maybe I should say an all out frugal one.

I also need to lose some weight. About 30 pounds would be good. Thanks for the motivation and keep us posted! if you have time look up my blog.

We are in northern (more central) Alabama.


Marva said...

I am an hour away from Huntsville or Birmingham either way. If you want you can email me at and I can give you specifics.

Many blessings!

Katie said...

I love it, unfortunately, my own big ole butt is just going to have to settle for now, too many attempts at removal, it just laughs at me now!

But I'll cheer you on! Go, go, go!

mom_of2boys said...

Hello! I feel your pain! I'm making another attempt to get rid of my big ol' butt (the office job doesn't help). I've been posting on my blog about my daily food and exercise. Next week will definitely be a hit it hard week!

Best of luck to you!