Tuesday, February 19, 2008

New Clothes

Went shopping with my daughter and got her these really cute dresses at Target. Being 11 she is so picky now and getting her in a dress is like pulling teeth. Target has some really adorable dresses and she only liked these. I was really surprised that she liked the black and white one with a little pouf to it, so I paid more for it. I also got her a white sweater to wear over these when it is cool out. We got the top and capri pants at JCPenneys. I had a gift card from Christmas and wanted to use it. Okay, the shoes! The plaid ballet flats are for me and the blue plaid tennis shoes are mine, the black print ones are my daughter's. Target had some cute shoes also. Click to see it better, the photo is dark. See, they are sooo cute. The ballet flats have a toe thingy so if I get inspired to dance around I can get up on my toes. (Then my poor toesies would start moaning) Baseball starts next month. I am going to look so cute walking around in my shoes.

What do you call tennis shoes? Sneakers, athletic shoes, what? When we were at Animal Kingdom, the rapids ride had a place in the middle to put your shoes so they didn't get all wet. A British couple got on with us and asked where to put their trainers. We looked at them because one: we could barely make out what they said and two: never heard of trainers. When we finally realized what she said and meant it started a conversation about what we call them. I told her tennis shoes or sneakers. Where did sneakers come from? Can you only wear them to sneak up on people? I can just picture her back in England blogging about how the Americans call trainers sneakers.

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