Monday, February 11, 2008

Snobby Article

I was checking out the articles for this week on and they have an article titled How To Know IF Your Neighbor Is Wealthy. I read it and it says to just look in their driveway and see if they have a SUV. If they do they are not wealthy because they are so expensive to drive and maintain.... WHAT?! Are they serious? What a big long stretch of the imagination that has riled me up. We have a SUV. A YukonXL to be exact. We do not have a car payment and get a discount on insurance because of the safety of the vehicle.( If it is a chicken game between me and you in a small car- I win, that is what it amounts to.) Yes, it costs more in gas, unless we take two cars to church and on trips so we can fit in all the kids. Excuse me for liking to take the kids AND our ball equipment/luggage/groceries/whatever in one trip. I love my big auto because I have room for all of us and it is still comfortable. I just found the article rather snotty and one sided. We can afford our maintenance and gas and insurance. We also own a full size truck that is as bad on gas as the Yukon. Guess what? It is paid for also. We bought it from Mother in law at Christmas. It is a 2000 model with only 30,000 miles on it. I guess by the article we are poor stupid folks. In reality, we have 3 paid for cars, about 5 months emergency fund, and no debt. You cannot box people in and assume things by what they have in their driveway!


Katie Gregg said...

You're right: never judge a book by its cover. I spend $30 a week on groceries, clip coupons, keep the heat at 60 degrees in the winter...and carry a designer purse. I paid cash, and I've already had it four years. It will easily last another four or five. I don't consider that to be one bit extravagant, and I would hate to be judged for it!

Meredith from Merchant Ships said...

I know just what you mean--people think we are rich because I can stay at home!

Little do they know that my staying at home is a like a full time job in saving money : )

Found your blog via the insightful comment you left at Frugal Hacks.