Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Buy Transitional Furniture

There are pieces that you can use in many different rooms that are those timeless pieces that are great to own. One of the pieces that I have aquired is the vanity in the photo. I bought it at a yard sale for $15.00. In our old home it sat in the master bath with a mirror above and held my makeup and other items. Now, it sits at the top of the stairway in the hall before you enter the master bedroom. I could see this in a foyer or kitchen or bedroom.

The armoire was bought two houses ago to house our tv and videos. It is now being used in the master alcove area where I have a desk for crafts and an extra computer. I have all my craft stuff and office supplies in it. I could also see this in a large bath to hold towels and things. It could be used for an armoire in a bedroom. Meredith at www.likemerchantships.blogspot.com has this same piece in her dining room. She painted it black.

The antique dresser was my great-grandmother's. It is now in my foyer. It could be used in a bedroom, bath, dining room.

Instead of spending money on pieces that only go in one place or can only be used for one purpose look at how many ways you can use a piece. Be creative.


Anonymous said...

Hey,I finally found your blogspot and read the whole thing this morning. I loved it, I could almost hear your voice saying stuff and the pictures! The kids look great and C. has really grown up since we left.The house looks great too. You'll have to explain ECB or whatever it is you are talking about for saving money. We will be looking for ways to save money when we get back. Can't wait to see you guys for real. - M.

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Aren't those pieces great? I have a dresser that used to be my mom's that went with me to my first condo and has been in every house (5 of them) ever since. It has been a buffet, held clothes, pictures, all sorts of things. Now I am giving it to my daughter to start off her life with in her first condo. I will miss it terribly, but I am ready to finally start new with something else!