Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Bargain Clothes

I took my daughter and two friends to see the Hannah Montana concert movie last night. While they saw the movie I looked around at some of the shops. I went in the Ann Taylor Loft store and found this top and two pair of jeans. The top was $9.99 and the jeans were $3.88 each. Ann Taylor is one of my favorite shops but I try to wait for their sales so I don't spend so much. Always look through everything in your size because these were the only two jeans that I saw for the price.

My daughter and her friends thought it was cool because outside the theatre there was a limo and a guy was set up with a video camera. They decided someone famous was in the movie with them- maybe even Hannah Montana!


Kelli said...

It sounds like a fun evening and you got a great deal on the clothes!
Thank you for visiting my blog and entering the giveaway!

Peggy said...

Wow - I LOVE Ann Taylor - those deals are to die for!!
I love the pic of your kids!

Anonymous said...

Hey Southern Seven, where are you??? I am anxiously awaiting your next post. I'm not nagging- but back to work!!! ;)

Kim said...

Wow great deal on the clothes, I had no idea their stuff clearanced out that low.