Saturday, January 26, 2008

Walmart Raises Price

I usually buy the Jeannie-O turkey ham or the smoked white turkey from the deli at Walmart. I have always bought these because they were the two cheapest meats in the deli. I noticed that the price increased about 5 months ago from $2.89 a pound to $3.29. I understand everything is going up so it was not too bad. Well, I went yesterday and the turkey ham was $5.29 a pound! That is a $2.00 increase in a month.
I ended up buying the honey ham which was $4.49 because it was my last thing to get and I was tired and unprepared.

I don't know about where other people live, but in Florida the Walmart greeters were greeters. When you walked in they smiled and got a cart for you and asked how you were doing. Here in Alabama, they don't hardly speak and I have never had a buggy that was ready or even anywhere near the person. You have to walk pretty far back to get the buggy. A lot of times they are wet and cold. I really hate to shop there anymore. The lines are always really long and the people don't seem to want to be there. I am really trying to buy everything I can at other stores, but sometimes their prices are just better for overall things.

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