Thursday, April 12, 2012

Freezer Cooking

Baseball has begun. Which means a lot of nights having to eat before leaving at 5 for a game. So, rather than buy stuff at the ballpark or a fast food restaurant on the way I like to make sure we have food prepared and ready to eat. I went to Sams and got 10 lbs of ground turkey and 10 lbs of ground chuck. I like to mix the two together to lower the fat. The family won't eat just turkey so I mix it and season it with salt, pepper, onion flakes, and garlic powder.

I found these Jeannie-O turkey patties on sale the other day in the fresh meat department at Target for $1.79 lb. I am flash freezing them so I can pull out what I need to cook. Not shown, I also made up 9 patties of ground chuck/turkey mixed together and am flash freezing them also.
Sams had tenderloins for $1.99 lb so I bought the package of them. I put the remainder of a bottle of fajita marinade I had on these above and baked them on a cookie sheet. They will be good in a salad or over brown rice.
I put Greek seasoning on the rest and baked them. I use these over a salad, over brown rice with sauteed onion and green pepper, or just eat as is alongside veggies and a sweet potato.

I made up some spaghetti sauce and put in this jar to freeze. It is seasoned with ground beef/turkey mixture.
I had four servings of ground beef/turkey left over. I put in Ziploc bags and roll to get all the air out and freeze in the rolls. I have a bin in the freezer for hamburger meat to keep it organized.
I made a vegetable beef soup with some of the cooked ground meat. I had enough for 3 freezer containers. They hold about 2 servings each. The small container is extra spaghetti sauce that wouldn't fit in the large jar. It will be perfect for a lunch. In the large rectangle is taco seasoned meat with black beans added. Since it doesn't fill the container I will lay a piece of wax paper over the top to keep air from touching the surface and freeze.

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Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

I really need to do more of this myself. It makes things so much easier especially in the summer time when we are so busy!