Monday, March 26, 2012

Eating out of the Freezer

I cleaned out my inside and outside freezers two weeks ago because they were so stuffed we couldn't get another thing in them. I organized them and made an inventory of what all I had so that I could eat up the frozen meat and vegetables and get ready to put up new vegetables as they come in this summer.

Last week the only thing I bought at the store for our menu was milk, bread, and eggs. I did buy pizzas and bacon to use my $5 off $30 purchase at Dollar General. So the boys had pizza one night. I made up Tater tot casserole (half a bag of tater tots, hamburger meat, frozen french green beans, cream soup.) I used up two frozen Steamer bags of rice with broccoli and a bag of precooked chicken to make a casserole with cream soup and cheese. Chili. I broiled smoked sausage and steamed broccoli and then mixed it together with Italian dressing. For the family you add in spaghetti noodles. I had four preformed Angus hamburger patties so we had that with corn on the cob I put up last year. I was going to have fries but forgot to put them in. Then, I made spaghetti.

This weeks menu:
1.Use frozen roast in crock pot juice, add carrots and potatoes for a beef stew over rice.
2.Quiche- have a Kroger coupon for free eggs. Will add diced ham, cheese, onion.
3.Chicken tostadas- Have cooked chicken. Will mix that with taco seasoning, corn, black beans and serve over corn tortillas with lettuce, tomato, and sour cream.
4.Broccoli cheese soup- I bought the Sams bag of broccoli and we don't like it steamed as well as the Walmart store brand. The pieces are too big. So I am going to use it up in the soup.
5.BBQ or Italian grilled Chicken, corn on cob (put up last year), and lima beans
6.Ham and potato casserole- I accidentally bought two bags of potatoes so I need to use them up and have chopped ham from Thanksgiving/Christmas time where I put up the rest of our hams.

We have a large package of ham for sandwiches. I need to buy some more American cheese.
Tuna sandwiches/salad
Chicken fajitas for me- have two bags of pregrilled chicken.
Stir Fry kit for husband/kids- I can't have it b/c it has gluten in it.
If I need anything else I will make a pot of soup using up bits of vegetables, and the tomatoes I put up in the freezer last year.

Pancakes- I'd like to try some pumpkin gluten free ones for me
Grits and eggs
mini quiches- with hash brown crust
burrito with egg, sausage, cheese
Smoothies- use Greek yogurt, frozen strawberries and frozen bananas
I have a bag of bread end pieces so may make a breakfast casserole for the family with them.

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