Monday, August 22, 2011

Two Weeks in Germany: Worms, Germany

The Bridge Tower going into Worms, Germany
Legend of the dragon:
A beautiful girl was captured by a dragon and everyone that tried to rescue her was yummy dragon food. A young blacksmith made a steel jacket covered with sharp knives and went to say hello to the dragon. The dragon ate him at once, but choked from all the knives and puffed out his last smoke filled breath. The brave blacksmith married the girl and they named the place after the greusome dragon, or wurm. Since it is pronounced worm in German the place began to be called Worms.

City wall

Dragons are used throughout the city in statues and many other places. It was fun to find them.

relics in the museum. There were many dating waaay back.

The St Peters Cathedral dates back to the 600s AD. That blows my mind how intricate and ornate the carvings are. It is filled with beautiful murals, stained glass, sculptures and so much for the eye to see.

Martin Luther Memorial

This memorial was unveiled in 1868. Isn't that just crazy to think about? It tells the story of The Reformation. The Diet of Worms was held in 1521. Martin Luther was brought to Worms to recant his thesis. He refused. An edict was issued calling him a heretic making it a crime to read or possess his writings. They planned to arrest him. He hid out at Wurtburg Castle. While there he translated the Bible into German.

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