Saturday, July 16, 2011

Travel Wardrobe for Germany

today i celebrate my 23rd anniversary. to celebrate my husband and i are going to germany. i am so excited. i've been getting my wardrobe together trying to have what i need without taking too much.

i have a red dress that travels well. it can be worn with my red polka dot flip flops or dressier with red wedge heeled shoes. i then have basic white pants and shorts, as well as olive shorts, jeans, and blue and white seersucker shorts. i kept the tops plain so they mix with all the bottoms. i have a gray top with rosettes, navy flutter sleeve tee, red top, white top, and not shown but i have a coral/orange top. i am taking a navy blue cardigan that has a ruffle edge and self belt. i am making some fabric flower brooches to wear to dress things up but can also use them clipped to a necklace or the cardigan belt. i am taking my tennis shoes, red wedge heels, red polka dot flip flops, red flats with fabric rosette on the toe, and navy/red plaid loafers. i found a mustard yellow backpack purse to carry my camera and purse essentials in. i will take two scarves which are pashminas- one is green and one is white. they are fabulous. you can use them to add a pop of color but they are really big when opened and i use them as a lightweight blanket or shawl when it is cool. i thought i would keep them in my bag and can use them to sit on since i am taking white pants.

now to get my house spotlessly clean. we have grandparents coming to stay at our home while we are gone and watch the kids. i can't wait... one more week. i get to go with my favorite person in the world. happy anniversary to the best guy in the world.


Tracy Bentley said...

What part of Germany are you gong to?

Southerner said...

We are staying in Mainz on the river. I am so excited!

Sweet Homestead Alabama said...

I'm so happy I stumbled upon your blog! It seems we share many of the same interests - and I live just outside of Montgomery, AL. I hope you have a wonderful trip!