Thursday, January 6, 2011

The assignment: Show your top 10 photos of 2010 on I Should be Folding Laundry. Our computer crashed and all I have is photos from October, but I want to join in so I will use those. One of my New Year's Goals is to better my photography skills, so I hope to join in and learn more each week.
We went to Helen, GA after Christmas and my dad was able to come for the day to visit with us. So, I am including a photo that has included him in it.
Christmas morning we woke up to a white Christmas! The big deal... it is in Alabama. Such a wonderful Christmas gift.

The view out my front window of my Japanese Maple tree covered in snow.

Two great nieces all ready for Christmas. Little Emma on the right will not smile for a picture and I kindof got a smile!

These two Down Syndrome people have acted out a skit at the last two Women's Banquet at our church. They are just awesome and you can see the joy of God flow out of them as they act out the song. If you don't cry you are hardened.

My candy tree that I did with the boys for the Women's Banquet. It was such a hit with everyone. Definitely have to do this again.

I took a bunch of photos of my kids. I love the lighting of this one where the light was more on one side and kind of clouded the left side. I am sure pure photographers cringe and would tell you all the equipment or techniques I need, but for now I love it. Let me live in denial or stupidity for awhile longer.

These are our first ever carved pumpkins. We don't celebrate Halloween so it has never happened. They had a good time getting the goo out and creating what they wanted.

I caught he working the Fall Festival.

Homecoming photo of Cameron and his date. I embarrassed my whole family by lying on the ground for this. The things we do to get a shot.
Check out more photos at I Should Be Folding Laundry. If you are interested in improving your photo skills she has a weekly link up with different assignments.


Karrie said...

The candy tree is SO cute and I love how you placed it in front of your Christmas tree in the pic!
I also love the "through the window" shot of your maple...
The first pic is great too, love how the family is off set to the side!

Michelle said...

these are all so good. I've been wanting to take a photography class for so long. One thing I hope to accomplish this year. The candy tree is awesome!

Rebekah said...

Getting on the ground to get that kind of shot is so worth it! And the snow for Christmas was so magical! I moved to GA in 1987 from Detroit and was missing a White Christmas more than I realized!

ToadMama said...

I hope you realize how worth it the embarrassment was. That's a great ground shot!