Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas trees

I want a 12 or 15 foot tree for my foyer when we can afford one. Until then, I put up my 8 foot tree on top of my foyer table. I used lime green and red ornaments for a fun look. It is so happy.
I used our old train set and a couple of dolls my girls have received as gifts over the years under the tree.

This small tree is on the buffet in the foyer.

I put a small tree on the sewing desk in the nook in my bedroom. I used some old ornaments from when I put a full size tree up in our Florida house. I found the pink berry picks at a garage sale. They have a great patina on them.

I made the turquoise bead tree with a strand of beaded garland we had. I used a styraphome form and hot glued it around and around and around for hours!

This tree is in the upper hallway. We had one of these growing up that sat on the dining room table. I got rid of it when Mama died and everytime I saw them it was a big part of memories for me, so when I saw one at a garage sale I bought it. It is missing the top star. If you see a star let me know!
My tree is not finished in this photo, but this is our family room tree. It has all the kids ornaments. They each get a new ornament each year. Usually they put a small tree in their room but this year only one kid wanted a personal tree so they are all on this tree. And, the kids decorated it.

It is full of handmade ornaments the kids have made.
and photo ornaments we got from church.

I get the mom award for letting them be all jumbled together and not redoing the tree, right?


Anne said...

I love the lime green with the red - it looks so fun and festive!

Anonymous said...

Love your tree in the foyer...very festive! I also love that your other tree has all handmade ornaments from the kids on it! Love it! Now your newest follower!