Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Canning Peaches

Coming up I-65 from south Alabama and Florida you go through Clanton, AL in Chilton County. They are known for their peaches in that area. My dad and step mother lived in Clanton for a few years so I grew up eating peaches from Clanton. On our way home from the beach I made my husband stop. We bought a half bushel of peaches. They are so good! Today I canned part of them. I did two batches and got 14 pint jars. Hope they come out good after canning. I am thinking since you water bath cook them 20 minutes that they will not be like a fresh sliced peach. I probably will use them in cobbler, icecream, and to top porkchops. I have about 30 more peaches and think I will take a few to my neighbors. Canning is hard work! I am so tired.
And this is what awaits me at the end of that long canning session. Large bowls where I cut the peaches and held until processing. Pots of the sugar water and many drips on the counters, and icky towels that I used to wipe my hands millions of times.


Dawn said...

Hard work, for sure, but you're going to be so thankful for them this winter! I like to eat them over hot oatmeal, too.

Be blessed!

Kelley said...

Holly, I am an occasional reader of your blog and know you homeschool. I live in the same area you do and am ready to get rid of a bunch of books and curricula. Any chance you are interested? I know this is weird, I promise I am normal and have no tendencies toward violence. LOL. I would love to share some of this with a great family and yours looks to fit the bill! If you want to take a and I will give you my phone # and address and see what we can work out. I promise my prices are worth it (talking FREE).

Kelley Gregory