Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How to cap off a water pipe- for the girls

We had a water softener in the garage. I woke up to gushing water coming out of the top of it, a flooded garage, flooded driveway, and a saturated front yard. And, a husband many miles away on business. Lovely. We cut off the main water. Than, my oldest son and I cut the pipes behind the water softener to get it out of the way. We weren't trying to do a good cut for repair, just getting it disconnected.

We cut the pipes flush with a pipe cutter. Then cleaned it off and used a pipe primer to clean it.

We cut a piece of the pipe to fit into two elbow joints to reconnect the pipes. We also cleaned and painted on the primer to these pieces.

Using PVC pipe cement we created the "U-bend" for the pipes. My husband told me to paint the cement on and put the section of pipe in the elbow joint, then turn it 90 degrees to seal. I put the second piece on at a 90 degree angle then twisted it until the openings were lined up.

Then we cemented the U-joint to the pipes. Ta-Da... we did it.... hopefully. We have to wait 2 hours to turn on the water and test it out.


Dawn said...

You're worthy of being called a Texas woman! LOL

Southerner said...

Ha, ha, Dawn, and I didn't even have to pouf my hair up or anything;)