Monday, January 4, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Monday- pecan crusted tilapia, green beans, rice
Tuesday- Santa Fe chicken soup
Wednesday- Bunless cheeseburger with peppers & onions, salad
Thursday- chicken fajita
Friday- spaghetti, salad
Saturday- italian chicken, broccoli, squash sauteed with onion

Monday- Ham roll up, carrots, apple
Tuesday- salad with grilled chicken, apple
Wednesday- leftover santa fe soup, apple
Thursday- tuna sandwich, carrots, apple
Friday- quesadilla with any leftovers
Saturday- bunless cheeseburger with peppers and onions, salad

Monday- omelet, orange
Tuesday- breakfast burrito, orange
Wednesday- WW waffle, banana with peanut butter
Thursday- scrambled egg and bacon, orange
Friday- 1/2 bagel with egg and canadian bacon, cheese, orange
Saturday- cereal, boiled egg, banana

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Kelly Howard said...

Any particular time to be there for the meals?! LOL!

Joann said...

I agree with Kelly, would like to know when I can be there!!

Southerner said...

y'all are too funny! anytime :)

Kimmy C said...
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Kimmy C said...

You should check out my menu planners - I have a free download one on my blog - seven thirty three - - - a creative blog and one that doesn't have any "courtesy of" tags on it in my shop - realCRAFTYstudio!

MMMmmmmMMM! You have some tasty sounding meals! :)