Friday, December 11, 2009


I found a new quick supper item that I will keep in the freezer from now on. I bought the John Soules beef fajita meat and Tyson's chicken fajita meat at Walmart. It takes 5 minutes to saute it in a skillet to heat. I sauteed some onions and green peppers,then had cheese, lettuce, sour cream and tomatoes. They were as good as restaurant fajitas. It was a little expensive. The beef was over $10 for 1.5 lbs of beef. The chicken was almost $7. I have had trouble in the past buying beef to stirfry that isn't tough. For something to quickly prepare it is perfect. For $20 it will serve 16, so not too bad. I also like that you can just cook up enough for a couple or the whole bag.

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Michael Lee West said...

I love a meal like this--hearty, delicious, and fast. And kids love to build their own fajitas. Great idea!

Anonymous said...

I love fajitas in fact I am glad you posted it, added one more meal for my meal plan this week. Thanks!!