Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thrift store finds

I am joining in Thrift Store Thursday to show what items I bought at the thrift store the past couple of weeks. The first is a jacket. I think I am going to shorten the sleeves and sew in the waist a little for a tad more feminine cut. It has an attached brooch and a ruffle hem which are really cute details.
This was the first item I saw when I entered this store. It is in a horrible part of town. I was very pleasantly surprised when I went in. Isn't this so nice and preppy. Imagine a cardigan tied around your neck. Add a monogrammed scrabble tile necklace. Some preppy flip flops.

A set of really cute napkins. The Kohls wrapper was still on them. They were $.50!

A sheet for $1. It has a ruffle edge. Can you see a cute apron? I wouldn't even have to add a ruffle to the bottom. So cute! I could add an orange pocket.

More sheets and fabric for $1 each.

This store had boxes of old patterns. I picked out a few that I would really like to sew some items from. I wanted to frame the covers for my sewing nook, but the price tags won't come off without taking up the print on the pattern. Suggestions?

A Shabby Chic green striped shower curtain. I want it for the fabric, but it is in perfect condition. I about fell out when I moved a piece of fabric and saw the orange leaf of the other fabric. I quickly grabbed it and saw the birdies on it!!!! It was a jackpot piece. Can you not see a little girls twirly skirt made out of it? All the items in the next three photos I got for $3. You get what you can put in the shopping basket for $3. I also bought a black shirt that I used to make a pirate vest. It was the reason for purchasing, so I looked around for anything that I could use the fabric for sewing to add to the basket.

Three shirts that I will use the fabric in sewing projects.

A wool sweater to felt. And the pink one will be great to cut to make stuffed animals. It is cashmere-ish.


Carmen said...

Wow! You sure did hit the fabric jackpot! I love the red flowery/bird fabric! Too cute!

Holly said...

The green dress is adorable! Love all the fabric; I look for items that can be cut up and used just for the fabric too.
Maybe try steaming the price stickers off?
Thanks for joining TST!

Karen at Nittany Inspirations said...

To remove stickers, try a product called Sticker Lifter. It's kind of like Goo Gone, but acutally lifts stickers off without any residue.

Tami said...

Those sweaters reminded me of something I saw yesterday. You might be interested. Go here and look.

Christina said...

Such fun stuff. I love the orange and white bird fabric too. The dress and jacket are wonderful.

Love it when I have a fantastic thrifting experience.

Anna said...

that jacket will be really nice with a little work, love the napkins too!

Heather at Happy Chippy Junk said...

Great finds!! Wish they could bottle the joy of a good thrift store find!!