Sunday, October 4, 2009

Homecoming Parade

Go Patriots!
If you look closely the one on the back right is a boy. A boy on the color guard! We had 36 color guard members when my daughter was on it two years ago. They aren't in desperate need. What mama lets her son go on color guard? I won't even mention a dad because I am assuming this boy hasn't had a lot of male influence. This is just a game day shirt they have. Their uniform is sparkly and only covers one shoulder. I have no clue what he wears. I do know he didn't have to get the clear bra strap like my daughter did.

There was horse poop on the road after these guys came by. I grew up in Mobile, which is where Mardi Gras originated in the United States. I went to a parade with my friend once. They have mounty police officers that come by and keep the crowd back. They stopped right in front of us and the horse pooped on her foot. We were around 12 so it was majorly funny and icky at the same time.

It took awhile for the principal, four assistant principals, queens and maids, and mayor to go by. A lot of cool cars.

This was a cool float. The Hulk was "bustin out" and would pound on the float and beat his chest.

Our cheerleaders

The first half of the team. We have four complete strings. Our players take up the whole sideline at games. It is funny to see some teams we play that only have their offense and defense and a few extras.

The rest of the guys.

My oldest, Ashley, was able to do something with us. Yay!

Now, watch the Drama Queen behind her. Miss Caitlyn in action.


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