Monday, October 19, 2009

Groceries for week of 10/19/09

Glade candle $6.99- $3Q-$4 ECB= $.48 OOP /earned$6.99 ECB
Nasal Mist $9.99- $2PQ=$.799
Nasal Gel $5.99- $2PQ= $3.99
Paid $13.26 with rebate money/ earned $15.98

2- pack Northern bath tissue $3.99 ea- (2) $1 Q= $2.99 ea
2- Pert shampoo $2.50 ea- (2) $1Q= $1.50 /earned $2 Reg Reward
Halls refresh $1- $.50Q = $.50 /earned $1 RR
Total $10.23- /earned $3 in RRewards

4-Lenders bagels $1.79/2= $.895 each
4 Hillshire smoked sausage $1.99 ea- $1/2 Q=$1.49 ea
Candy (pictured in wrong group below) $.01
Total $10.31

2- 18 count eggs $3/2
2- bread $2/2
6- Nature valley bars= $.40 ea
6- chunky soup $1 ea
4- Carnation evaporated milk$.50 ea
3- Muir Glen tomato paste $.09 ea
4 - mozzarella cheese $1.25 ea
2 Tobasco sauce -1Free and one for $.39
5 lb ground chuck $1.79 lb
bananas $.59 lb
bag tater tots- $1.88
2- Nestle chips $$2.50 ea- $.50 doublecoupon ea- $1.50 ea
Total $39.35

Total OOP spent was $46.88/ earned $25.97 in store money or rebates
I could do multiple transactions at Walgreens to reduce my out of pocket expenses but am at the point that it is not worth the amount of time that takes. One is that to work the transactions the store has to have the items available, which they never do. So, for me, it is worth doing fewer transactions and paying more with cash. Don't let this be too much of a hastle. It took me an hour and a half from leaving home until I returned, and I talked with a lady from church in one store.

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Bobbie said...

yum, drool, slurp.
it was bad enough to read about them on FB but to SEE them, slurp, slurp, got to find a towel to clean up the drooling