Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New school schedule

School starts Monday! EEK!!! This has been absolutely the least amount of summer I have ever had. I think starting school before September should be outlawed, and to be in school on my birthday is just not right. I am trying hard to prepare my brain for Monday. It is an uphill battle. I just ordered the final things from ABeka today at 5 AM. I hope they are mailing same day. It includes our language books for the kids.

This will be my 16th year home schooling. I have to stop and let that settle into my being. I feel every bit of it, I am old and dragging. Remember the enthusiasm that you get from getting your books in the mail and planning out your first few weeks? Yeah, gone. Now, I just feel the pain of having to teach this AGAIN! I usually am excited to get my planner and write out the first few weeks, I love to see it all lined up and ready. I can't even find that little place within me to desire to write in a planner, if I even had been excited to buy one yet.

I would love to see your schedules of how you order your day. I am truly overwhelmed with the thought of adding school back in to housework, home projects, church and school activities, cooking, having some fun with my family and friends. Bible study is always a struggle, as well as the gym. Those two are my first to go when I wake up late, or am running behind, or have a busy day, or just get on the computer and do not get off.

This is my schedule. Remember, it is my hopes and dreams, the ones that become shattered by 9 AM most days. But, it is a goal, something to strive for, or something I could show all of you and pretend I am so together. I just have to delete a few sentences that I wrote.

6:00-6:30 Get up and dress and drive to gym

6:30-7:30 Work out

7:30-8:30 Dress, wipe bath, make bed, take laundry down and put in, fold dry clothes, check kids chores

8:30-12:00 School

12:00-12:30 lunch

12:30-1:30 Bible study/Kids complete school work.

1:30 3:00 House work/

3:00-5:00 Craft/free time

5:00-6:00 Supper

6:00-8:00 Family time/ projects, crafts

8:00-10:00 Free time( tv, read, computer,craft)/ Bed

Each morning: Wipe bath counter and sink, shower, toilet, make bed, laundry, kitchen after b'fast
After school: books put away,kitchen after lunch
5:00- put away crafts and pick up house while cooking supper, kitchen after supper, prepare bfasts and lunches/ get out supper for tomorrow.
8:00 put away items, dishwasher,

Monday- shopping- Asbury thrift, CVS, RiteAid, Walgreens, Publix, Kroger; wash master sheets

Tuesday- kitchen and baths- clean tub, shower, toilet, mirror. Clean microwave, opening of refrigerator, stove, sink, fronts of cabinets and appliances. Sweep and mop master bath, foyer, laundry room. Wash towels.{ week one: master bath cabinets, week two: kids bath cabinets, week three: upper kitchen cabinets, week four: lower kitchen cabinets}

Wednesday- vacuum and dust Master bath, bedroom, upper hall, steps, foyer, front room, kitchen, family room, half bath. Wash rugs. {week 1: master drawers, week 2: master closet, week 3: boys drawers, week 4: boys closet, week 5: foyer drawers and front room, week 6: family room cabinets/drawers, week 7: laundry, week 8: coat closet and pantry}

Thursday- Paperwork. Pay bills alternating weeks. Clip coupons and prepare lists. Organize desk. Organize school papers. Iron clothes for the week.
Wash girls sheets.

Friday- Home school classes. Go by thrift stores. Once a month go to bread store, Sams, Walmart and Target. Vacuum and clean out Yukon interior. Wash boy's sheets.

Saturday- yardsales, wash cars, yardwork. Have fun outings! wash towels

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Tami said...

Our school doesn't start until Sept. 1. WE are the only county in our state that starts that late. EVeryone else starts the week after next. WE will be at the beach. Can't wait. Good luck with school.