Sunday, August 16, 2009

My garage sale pieces hung

I am joining in 2nd Time Around Tuesday at A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words.

The wall hanging above the door in the foyer. I got is Saturday for $2.50 at a garage sale.

The grate above the back door was also $2.50 from the same garage sale. We also hung the photo collage of my husband's trip to Budapest, Germany, and London that he did not take me on. It would look better with photos of me in it. See the curtains? I found them in a box someone put out in front of their house for the trash. Four tapestry panels. It was rich people trash. I could tell it was household stuff so I grabbed the box to dig through.

We moved the desk out of my daughter's room to sell on Craigslist. It was in the foyer waiting for me to list it. I decided to try it on this wall, thinking it would be way too big and be in the walking path. It is perfect. I am going to paint it black. I bought it at a garage sale for $15.00. I also bought the bulletin board for $2. I am going to hang some plates or something in the dead space between the desk and bulletin board.

I have had these plates to hang for awhile. I have a small oval white platter to go under the blue one, but need another wall hanger. The chandalier is my $5 garage sale find.

The top cross is the one I got Saturday. The others were bought over a year ago. They were a set from Kirklands in a box. I paid $2 for the box of crosses.

The table was my mom's. It opens with three leaves to seat 14 people.

I hung this one by the garage door. I also found it at the garage sale Saturday and paid $2.50 for it.

The buffet was my mom's and the dresser was my great-grandmother's.

I am hanging the two other black wall hangings in my master bathroom. I will show you that later. We took down the old towel bars and have patched the wall and I need to paint that then hang our new towel bars. So, just hold your horses, People.


Eyster Family Four said...


momstheword said...

I love those and can't believe the awesome deal you got!!!!! Wow, I have got to hit me up some garage sales again this summer! I've been to one.....

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Well, you didn't waste any time! I have no idea why the girl sold those Nike tops, I just bought them and left. Love to find deals like that.

Oh Joes, we love that place & go as often as we can. The word is out now though & it's always packed.

Tami said...

Awesome! I love those great deals.

Carrie said...

Wonderful thrifty finds, and you've placed them very well in your home!

jeanne said...

You are a true thrifter and look how wonderful everything looks. You sure have a good eye for the best deals. Just think what people are missing that just won't think of going thrifting. I love your post today with so many treasures to use and display.


Cass @ That Old House said...

You are a true thrifter, and scavenger extraordinaire! Excellent finds. Yes, rich people's trash can be a treasure trove!

Fabulous finds, love how it all looks. Nice eye for the nice things!

PS hahaha.. yes, the pics would look better with you in them. I'll bet you told DH that, too. :-)

DeniseMarie said...

terrific bargains. Love the metal pieces.

Kathy said...

You've got some wonderful finds! Love the desk. I actually have my childhood desk which is very similar. Can't quite decide what to do with it! Love your stuff...Kathy

Amy said...

Great finds. You've got a great eye!!