Monday, August 10, 2009

Garage sale 8/8/09

Okay, it is impossible to take a photo of a window- it always washes out the photo. I found this premade curtain, that is all ready to be mounted with two brackets. He could have done it in the time it took to hold it up there. This is decor weight toile Waverly fabric. Premade. Fully lined. The darker edge on the valance part is a braided trim. Done, and all for $2. It fits my window exactly. I do not have any clue why the previous owner put 3/4 heighth shutters on this window.

These were all $.50 each. The set on the right is navy although it looks black int the photo. $.50 patterns. I have two girl great-nieces to sew for now!

A Gymboree tutu costume. It is a size 3-4 and my great-niece is two, so I thought it would be cute for a future thing to give her with a homemade wand and garland.

Pampered Chef deep dish pie plate for $2.00. It has never been used, still in the box, with templates for decorating the top.

Six ABeka 9th grade Language teachers books for $30.00

5 magazines and 4 Christian books. All were $.50 each.

Two readers for the kids, a book of Spanish words matched with pictures, a DVD.

Be sure to check in with Rhoda at Southern Hospitality and see what all they saw at the longest yardsale (and mention that they didn't invite me- just joking, Rhoda!) Then, check out all the other ladies' treasures they found.


Dawn said...

The curtains... you lucky, lucky gal, you! Curtains are always the bain of my decorating existence - I wish I could find quality, pre-made, lined, fashionable ones in my colors to fit my windows. (We won't even mention the PRICE!)

I've asked before... If I ever make it to AL, can I pllleeeease go garage saling with you??? LOL

Sharon said...

I have that pie plate and girl, it ROCKS! It's deep and I love it!!! Wish I had your A Beka books!! ;) great finds!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Wow - You really got lucky on the curtains. I priced some waverly toile valances yesterday $26 for one!

Rochelle said...

You got some great deals. My Mama reads those Karen Kingsbury books and really enjoys them. I like the curtin - what a deal/steal you got on that! I want to go on that longest yard sale thing. Let's make a plan and go together next year!

Rochelle said...

Hope you have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :)

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

OK, I'm jealous over that Pampered Chef pie plate. So, you should have gone to the Longest Yardsale too, it's up closer to you! :)

Southerner said...

Rochelle, we will have to do that!