Friday, June 26, 2009

Sewing Projects for Boys

One of my readers requested some sewing projects for her 10 year old son to make. I love a boy that can sew! I quickly went though some of my saved photos that I keep for inspiration, and I have totally stolen the images. I wish I had the sources, but I did not expect to be posting them publically.

In my previous post on sewing projects I showed a crayon roll, you can do it with boy fabrics. You could also make a boy apron for chefs. Another idea would be a cape for younger boys. Or pillowcases.

For a tween boy you could make pajama pants and a tee shirt. You can use flannel or regular sheets to make the pants with a drawstring waist, then cut out an applique piece and iron it on t shirt with Wonder Under then zig zag the edges.
Ties .

Pillows. Let child draw something. Cut it out and make their drawing into an applique.

Patchwork dog pillow. I had this when I was a little girl!

Change the fabric to look more boyish.

Monkey made out of striped socks/stockings.

Appliqued letters on a tee.

Or any applique, using a book or a coloring book as a pattern.

Make a book with a pocket and then craft the "X's" and "O's" for a travel game.

This tote is made out of placemats.

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smilernpb said...

Some FABULOUS ideas here.

I recieved some FQ's through the post yesterday and have been gazing at them wondering what delights I can create...

I made my first fabric bag yesterday, totally hand sewn as I don't (as yet) have a sewing machine, my daughter thought it was lovely (mind you, she is 4 years old) and I have been wondering what I can make my 6 year thank you!

I am wondering if I can convince my hubby that I NEED a sewing machine?!