Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My sewing nook

I found this wire shelf at a garage sale on Saturday for $5. It is not ideal, but I am overflowing with fabric and have a small, narrow place in my sewing nook that it would fit in. I painted it white and it works perfect to store some of my fabric.

This space is not ideal, but our bedroom is large and has this nook on the front. It beats sewing on the kitchen table and having to move it and go to another area to search for supplies. We also have our main computer and printer up here.

I love this chair. We were in Pensacola and drove by a furniture store that was having a tent sale. I started yelling at my husband to stop NOW. I spotted just a little of the chair and I wanted to see it. It is perfect, made to look chippy and old, although it is new.

The yellowish desk is an executive desk that we bought at a garage sale and painted with leftover paint.

The computer desk is a door with plexiglass on top. It is sitting on two craft drawer units.

These prints were over my buffet in my dining room in Florida. I love them. The dining room was painted the deep cranberry red.

I need to paint the turquoise desk. My daughter didn't have room in her new room so I took it.


kimmcl said...

Omigosh! My husband and I have a large sitting room off of our master and it is exactly like yours. I thought i was looking at my room for a second. We have the same color on the walls, window in the same place and three similar pictures in a row on the wall. Isn't that weird!

Julie said...

Very nice find!!! Love the new paint and what you are using it for!

Michelle said...

Love the set up of the office and sewing area. good idea with the desk too.

Caught up on your blog today...the camper is coming right along and love the sewing projects!

hope you and your family are having a nice summer!

smilernpb said...

What a lovely room!

Oh and when I said 'ice lolly' I meant an 'ice pop' (I think my hubby said that is what you call them in the US?) - a flavoured frozen treat on a stick! Hence why I was melting (I would have e-mailed this to you, instead of putting on here, but I don't have your e-mail address!!)


Michelle said...

Looks good, I love your chair!