Monday, June 1, 2009

My laundry room is singing

Moms the Word hosts Making Your Home Sing Mondays so I thought I would join in this week. With baseball season winding down I have had a little secret. I close the door and hide it to anyone coming into my home. My laundry room was a mess. It has taken all I can manage to have clean clothes for them. It has been too much to ask for me to tackle this room. Well, today is the day.
See what I mean? I know, don't hate me now. Sleeping bag from camping last weekend. Trash overflowing the trash can to the right of the dryer. Stufff all over the washer and dryer.

From the door this is what you saw. A rubbermaid box from our camping trip. Stuff strewn on the floor. A bag of pink paper plates that fell off the shelves above. Look closely at the clothes on the rod to be ironed. I took photos from the front angle, but for some reason the photos disappeared and come up blank. Looking at the photo below the smaller rod on bottom was filled all the way across with clothes.

I just put winter type clothing in their closets unironed- I know, gasp! I then ironed everything else. All of it. Ahhh! I straightened the shelves.

This is a big thing that makes my laundry sing. This shoe bag behind the door for miscellaneous items, and also the battery organizer. Anyone notice that I just painted half the room. We aren't singing that well today! When we moved in my husband made me paint behind the washer and dryer so that he wouldn't have to move them out. So, I did half the room and stopped to do it later. One year and six months later...still waiting.

Yes, this is an after photo although the shelves are still not really straight. I cleaned off the washer and dryer and cleaned off. I got in all the grooves of the knobs and around everything. I knew that I would fizzle out to try to do the shelves- leave some singing for another day is what I say.

I put a basket under the washer for clothes that need to be washed. And there is usually a basket under the dryer for the clothes that come out of the dryer. It is in the other room being folded. Don't know why we started putting the extra air conditioner filters here, but that's where they are.

Another view of the washer and dryer area.

The battery organizer.

A close up of the shoe organizer. I put in shoelaces, batteries that would not fit in my organizer, travel wet wipes that I got for free, knobs for my cabinets in the living room, a mini fan, an ankle support that I have looked for and was under the dryer, super glue, goggles.


momstheword said...

Looks great to me!!! I love it when people post before and after pictures.

Did you guys build that stand that the washer/dryer is standing on? Also, love the behind the door organizer. What a great idea!

I really need to organize the cupboards in my laundry room....sigh....but first I guess I'll get the laundry done!

Thanks for linking up today!!!!

Southerner said...

momstheword-yes, my husband made the washer and dryer stand so that two baskets would fit under it. It came about in our Florida home that had a smaller laundry room. We didn't have room on either side of the washer and dryer. So, he raised them up so we could store the clothes underneath. I love it.

DarcyLee said...

I love that shoe organizer. It would be handy in many rooms throughout the house.

Southerner said...

DarcyLee- I have an organizer in my coat closet that I put all our hats and mittens in. It is wonderful!

Southerner said...

DarcyLee- I have also seen them in linen closets for shampoo, bandaids, soaps, toothbrushes.

Dawn said...

I have done laundry today, too. ALL. DAY. (Trying to catch up from the last 10 days or so, also.) I LOVE the shoe organizer behind the door - I might just steal the idea! I'm thinking I might put it in the hall linen closet and include first aid stuff since it would be easy to get to for the kids. And, wouldn't that be a great way to organize all my sets of napkin rings?!

Eli's Lids said...

I love that you have space under your washer and dryer for baskets!! Great job :) The room looks great and I bet with 5 kiddos you are in it a lot!

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

Oh good for you! I don't have a nice big room like that. But my laundry closet could use some attention. It is on my list of projects for the summer. Hopefully, mine will look as good as yours when I get done. Thanks for the inspiration!

Tami said...

looks great! I need some motivation but summer's here and school will be out in 3 days and I am ready for some fun. Maybe in the fall. LOL