Friday, May 29, 2009

My pillow top

I pieced this together quickly. I am making a large pillow for the bed in our camper. I won this fabric in a blog giveaway. I love the colors and to mix them all together. I am using a white chenelle bedspread and then bright pillows for a punch of color. We put a piece of mock beadboard on the back wall and are going to paint over all the wallpaper. That will help with a cottage look.

This is just a short wall in my sewing nook. My daughter didn't want the desk and I need to paint it if it is going to stay here. Right now I have just added things we had to the shelves. The Effanby dolls are my daughter's that she didn't want in her room. I don't know if I will keep them or sell them.
The Holly Hobbie and Raggedy Ann dolls were mine when I was little. The hand print was done when I was 5.


Michelle said...

Great pillow top... I enjoyed catching up on your the camping pics!!!

Marva said...

Cute!!!!!!! Blessings!