Saturday, May 30, 2009

Look at this Lilly stash!

If I were rich this is where some of my money would go. I just love Lilly Pulitzer. I am a preppy girl at heart and love the colors and the retro style of her clothing. If you are not familiar with Lilly you can read her story here. It is really interesting and a fun bit of information to know. Now, her clothes are rediculously expensive. Dresses shown are in the $200 range. A pair of pants are near $100. We lived in Destin, FL area for 13 years and this is what everyone coming to vacation wore while visiting the resorts. Well, today on a blog I read Miss Janice went to the home of a friend and photographed her closet. You HAVE to go see how much Lilly this lady has. Her WHOLE closet is filled with Lilly. Lilly dresses, Lilly tops, Lilly skirts, Lilly shoes, Lilly scarves. It is just beyond my mind. Enjoy all the eye candy. I think I can use some Amy Butler and Ginger Blossom fabric and copy some of these when I lose weight. And, did you all have the Burmuda purse in the 80's? I did, and I loved it. I had the belts and the watch bands. Total preppy girl.


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Christy said...

Those are pretty. Were you wearing a Lilly blouse this morning at church?