Monday, April 20, 2009

Make Your Home Sing Monday

This weekend is our neighborhood's big yardsale. I AM NOT READY! EEK! This week I am going to go through each room weeding out things to sell and spend Friday pricing it all. How will this make my home sing? Well, stuff takes up space or time that is draining me. I am going to sell things that I have not used or that are more work that the enjoyment they bring. When we moved in I tried to have a place for everything. We have 800 extra square feet but in one year I have managed to fill every corner and cabinet. I am very visual and things sitting around just really drain me. When a room gets too cluttered it just puts me into a "give up" state until I think I can tackle it completely. I have learned to take one bite at a time and focus on one area. For instance, I will go through all the drawers at this time, then go through the closet next time. My plan for the week:
  • Monday- go though the garage and straighten it so I can bring out everything to sell and have a place to put it.
  • Tuesday- go through my closet, bedroom, and the boys room
  • Wednesday- go through the kitchen
  • Thursday- go through the family room, coat closet and laundry room.
  • Friday- go through the attic and then price it all.
  • Saturday- make lots and lots of moolah. Then box it for KidsMart and donate.

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Marva said...

Wonderful! I love the feeling of getting rid of unwanted/needed items and freeing up space! Hope the sle goes well and leep us posted!


Jen@Balancing Beauty and Bedlam said...

oh - I wish I could come shop. Happy cleaning.

Michelle said...

I'm doing the same thing around here...I hate when things get to busy...I was the same way..overwhelmed, but now doing one room at a time.

Good luck!

momstheword said...

I so agree about the clutter. It just drains me too.

I love how you have all your tasks broken down into days. That will totally keep you on task and focused, and not get overwhelemed.

Awesome post! You forgot to link it to the meme on my page so that my readers can read what you had to say.

I was going to do it for you but figured I need to ask. So do you want me to link it for you? Thanks for joining us today!