Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Kroger 4/20/09

4 Scott paper towels $1 ea- $1/4 Q= $.75 ea
milk $2.58
7 Suave shampoo/ conditoners $.88- $1.75/3 Q, and two $.50/2 doubled= $.34 ea
eggs $1.29
suave deoderant $1- $.50 doubled = free
16 oz Kroger cheddar cheese $2.50
2 Hamburger buns $1- $.25 Kroger coupon
2 loaves french bread on clearance for $.69 ea
2 loaves bread $.78 ea
2 bags Dole salad mixes with dressing clearanced to $1.89 ea
5 # Ground chuck $1.77 lb
Edwards 2 slices frozen pie $2.69
pillsbury brownie mix $1 - $.35 doubled Q= $.30
3- cream of celery soups $1.45 each
Grill mates seasoning $1- $.50 doubled Q= free

Total $41.28
coupon savings $22.93

I have a friend that had knee replacement surgery and is at home getting better. I wanted to make supper for them so some of the things above are for a meal for her. I made Tater tot casserole. If it looks familiar it is Mrs. Duggar's recipe, but I have been making it forever. In fact, Mrs. Bobbie, who I am making it for, gave me the recipe when she made it for me when my 3rd child was born almost 13 years ago. I went ahead and made one for us because my husband loves it and I didn't want to hear him cry alnight. Oh, the french bread, one of the salad mixes and the frozen pie is to take to Mrs. Bobbie.

I had big plans that I couldn't fulfil. I bought 5# of ground chuck and was going to use 3# for the two tater tot casseroles and 2# to make up some hamburgers on the grill and take them a hamburger for tomorrow. I ran out of time. I also have had chicken breasts thawing all day and was going to grill a couple of breasts for them and take a bag of the salad mix so they could make chicken salad. I think I will try to do the chicken and hamburgers and take them by Wednesday before church.

I am slowly getting back to the old me. I cannot tell you all how weird I have felt- totally out of myself.


Tami said...

I can tell you are getting back to normal. I'm glad. I have prayed for you the past few weeks and will continue to do so.

Southerner said...

Wow, thanks, Tami. I am taking it slow. I organized (threw out half of them) my coupons and only went to two stores instead of 5. I thank you so much for praying. I don't think I have been depressed because I didn't want to kill anyone or myself:) but at the same time had no get up and go. Maybe it is a depression, I don't know.

PamperingBeki said...

You got some great deals!

Anonymous said...