Monday, March 9, 2009

Make You Home Sing Monday

I have been in a bad habit of checking blogs and emails and not getting our day going in the mornings. So, today I am going to put first things first and tackle my morning chores and keep the kids on task. After school I will have time to sit a moment and check in with the world outside our home. On my cleaning schedule today is to clean the Master bath and kitchen. The kids are in charge of the other two baths. I also need to iron all Darryl's clothes for the week.

In prepreation for Kids Mart I got down boxes of clothing to go through. It took an hour for the boys to try on clothes to weed through a box I had clothes for them to grow into. Well, the boxes are sitting in our bedroom and have been there over a week. Today, I am going to get them up into the attic. I have three down and two are filled with items to put into our garage sale.

I also need to plant my carrots and lettuce and some flowers. I have some rectangular planters that I am going to plant the lettuce in. The carrots I will plant in my square foot garden. I planted my strawberries in a strawberry pot on the patio this weekend. I am excited to see some things growing again and know fresh food is on the way. I bought some peony and dahlia bulbs to plant. I also bought some chili pepper seed that I need to start indoors.

It makes my home sing when I am on schedule with my chores. If it is not raining I might set up supper on the patio since I will be grilling pork chops. The weather was in the 70's yesterday. What are you doing today to make your home sing? Join in at Momstheword.


Michelle said...

sounds like a plan. We are grilling today also. Good idea to set up outside...we just might eat on the patio tonight too!

Have a great Monday...I'll be cleaning too so I'd say we are both off to a good week!

Jennifer Paganelli said...

I hear you...I have my daughter finally taking the bus so I can stay on task!!

Marva said...

I can identify with that! I love to see things growing and can't wait to get things in the ground in a few weeks! Blessings!

Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

I am right there with you. I have to start the day better. :)This is our week.

Christy said...

My home isn't singing unless it's "Rescue Me"! There seems to have been a clutter monster of some sort that came in and threw up all over the place. I'm very distracted with all of it and can't focus on the every day stuff that needs to be done. I think the warmer temps have something to do with it - I really want to do some spring cleaning, but I don't have the time to focus on that sort of hard core housework. This is when home schooling becomes a hindrance, I think. I could take the week off now instead of later, I suppose, but we are planning on going camping during our spring break. I don't think Dwight would appreciate me taking the week off without him. Oh well, I'll do what I can and try not to stress about it (yeah - right!).

How did you do at the kids market? I guess you won't know for a while, though, huh?

momstheword said...

You have a busy day ahead! This is what I love about Mondays, there is always such hope for a brand new start (and I need one because I overslept a bit, lol!).

I love hearing you talk about grilling and planting and eating on the patio because I have snow on the ground. Good luck with your list and I'm so excited you're joining us today!

Julie @ blessedwithfive said...

I usually take care of computer things - emails, blogging, facebook in the morning and house chores in the afternoon.