Tuesday, February 24, 2009

His Timing

I am leading the Esther Bible study at our church and enjoying this study so much. A big part of this study has been God's timing in our lives. I am just so excited each time I can look upon my life and see how God timed events because he was either working something good or preventing something bad. He has done so much in my life that I am beginning to be able to wait upon Him with an excited expectation knowing that when He finally brings it all together it will be worth the pain or wait.

I have mentioned before that in high school I was in an accounting class and a lady came to the door and asked the teacher who would be good to work in a pediatric dentist office. My teacher chose me out of the whole class. Was it because I was the best student? No. Was it because I was outgoing and stood out? No, I was quiet and was probably the least likely person to be noticed. I know without a doubt it was because God stirred my teacher's heart. He had a plan and a purpose. I got the job and began training as a dental assistant. I worked after lunch my Junior and Senior year and full time the summer between. I then was working full time after graduation and two short months later is when my mom died. She left $7000 to me in insurance and then later we sold the house and I made $13,000, so I was not given a lot of money. God had provided a way for me to take care of myself financially.

Another huge event was when we moved to Niceville we couldn't afford a home there. So, we rented two years. We did not make a lot of money so we just weren't able to save a down payment for a house. Our church went through a building program and we went way above what we could afford to give and gave what was a large amount to us at the time. In giving, we knew that this was money that would pay closing on a VA mortgage and that it made our ability to buy a home, if we found one, out of reach. Until God showed up, that is. We both felt led to give it and did so. Darryl's mom called and told us that since she was remarried she wanted to give us part of our inheritance now. It wasn't huge but it was double what we gave to the church. About a week later we found some land (10 acres) that we desired to purchase and build a home on. We put a down payment on the land and my dad came to look at it. When we left he handed us a check and said that they wanted us to have it. Overall we were given four times above what we gave. It was the most amazing thing to see how we thought we were helping by giving to our church and God showered us and gave it right back and multiplied it. He wanted us to learn not to hold onto money, but to trust that He will provide for us.

In Niceville, Darryl moved from missile testing to IT support. A total career change. A month or two later every single one of his group in missile testing was laid off. God was faithful to care for us and provide once again by going before us to put us in a place of protection. He was able to get all the Microsoft certifications that cost over $5000 when normally they only allowed $2000 in tuition reimbursement a year. God opened that door. He brought us to Huntsville and provided a job he absolutely loves. He has moved him into a career that is no longer dependant upon the military(missile defense) but it can be taken outside of government contracts if we should ever need to do that.

When we moved to Alabama and went through 15 months of double house payments and had to feed all seven of us on $300 a month to get by He was faithful again. Over and over and over He has proven His faithfulness, His care, His plan that is set before us. We are poster children of how when God is for you He will lay a straight path before you to bring about His purpose in your life. In each event above at the time we were going through the time we did not see what God was doing. We had to just trust His word and remember He loved us and would care for us.

I would love to hear your stories of how you have seen Him plan events in your lives. How you could look back and see Him. So many times we do not see His hand at work. We feel like He has abandoned us. We pray and seek something and feel as if He just isn't listening. We are brought to the utter depth of what we can endure emotionally or physically as we wait and endure. But, in the midst He is there, and He is faithful to work all things out for good. It may not look like what you thought it should- you may lose a loved one, or you may go through a job loss, or you may endure a sickness, but God has a purpose and is working behind the scenes in ways we cannot ever imagine.

In Esther, Mordecai tells Esther that, who knows, but that she was put in position of queen for such a time as this(to save the Jews from being killed.) She had to risk being killed to go before the king to plead for her people. But, God did not abandon her and leave it to her to fight herself, he worked in the night to change the whole coarse of events while Esther either slept or sat in her room and worried. I wish we had more of a glimpse of Esther during the time when she finds out the next morning what had transpired during the night. When she sees that God did not leave her to battle alone, that he was her shield and her sword. She had to stand in boldness and faith before the king. She had to summons the courage to risk death. There was a part for her to do, but God made sure that she knew that He was at work and was fighting this battle.

We feel the battle. We sometimes are called to risk a lot. Sometimes we wonder if we will be left alone to do it all ourselves. But, God is working in ways that we cannot see. He is waiting for the perfect time to show up and work it all out. So many times it is ever so much more that we ever could have imagined. He seems to pour it out in such a proportion that we cannot contain the joy and relief He gives. He gives so much more abundantly and such better gifts than we expect. If we will wait. If we do not demand to have it our way and in our timing. Wait, so that you can taste and see that He is good.


Michelle said...

Beautiful post...God is good!

Marva said...

God is so awesome! What blessings and testimony you have sweet friend! What inspiration! Thank you for sharing! Blessings!

Anonymous said...

My story,

When I was 15 I met my high school sweetheart as well. When I turned 40 he left me, 21 years as a wife and Mom I had no training for anything else. God provided friends and those who are now new family to provide for me and my children. We were homeless and doing without, and wonderful blessings came to us all. In these tough times you need a partner that will stick with you. I have that now! I am blessed.

Becc said...

I have had many stories as well. I don't know how I would have gotten through them without the guidance and grace of God.

smilernpb said...

I enjoyed reading this post, thank you for sharing your experience.

I have been a silent follower of your blog now for some time, and this post, for some reason, made me pluck up the courage to break my silence.