Friday, January 16, 2009

Target toys are 75% off

I heard that on the 15th they would mark down the toys to 75% off so I made a trip yesterday to see if I could get my Christmas shopping done. It is already the 15th of January and I had not even begun:) I AM JUST JOKING. But, I did start on my Christmas shopping. Good thing that we have a very big attic. This was $49.99 marked down to $12.48. These all are HUGE boxes of toys, although it is hard to tell in the photos.
For our 6 year old 2nd cousin- this was $29.99 marked down to $7.48.

For same kid- we will give one on his birthday and one at Christmas. This was $39.99 marked down to $9.98.
This is for our gift box. I like to find things for the birthday parties we are invited to throughout the year. It was $15.97 marked down to $3.94.

I got three of these. I may give them to our now 18 month old girl and boy 2nd cousins or may put them in our Operation Christmas Child boxes. They were $5 marked to $1.25. It has a mat to play on.
This is how I try to buy our gifts throughout the year. I budget $75 a month and if I don't use it I put it into an account that builds until I need it. I really spend more than $75 a month with all 5 kids but cannot make our real budget on paper work if I increase that amount. I would never charge anything ,but throughout the year we get overtime or gift money and I have that to use and honestly spend a little more than $100 a month when you divide my last years spending by 12. I hope to do better this year and make most gifts. I am really ready to sew and craft again. Last year we did a lot of gift cards for ease of going insane.


Marva said...

Those are super finds! I hope to ge to Target tomorrow. We are taking the boys to Chuck E Cheese, so we'll that way.

Many blessings and have a great weekend!


Marva said...

I meant to say, so we'll be going that way.

I am glad you stopped by. I thought you were mad at me......

Glad Cameron got his license. It was a doozie for my nephew to get his in Septmeber....he had to wait for over 6 hours.


Anonymous said...

I went to my local Target today and there were NO toys on sale, sure wish I lived in your neighborhood.