Friday, January 9, 2009

Saving Money at the Library?

Y'all have all been selling me a big ol' crock of lies! Everyone says that you use the library to save money on books and movies. Well, I am standing(sitting) here to tell you that I am now the poster child for the Queen of Library Fines. I try, and just cannot do it.

I know all the special little tricks like have a special bag or place for library books. Doesn't work in my house. You are to make a note on the calendar when they are due... I don't look at the calendar. We have lived here for two years and have paid over $20 in fines. Videos are $1 a day each day they are late, that was a big chunk.

We just recieved a fine notice today. Last time we went I made sure to keep up with when they were due. I had my daughter take all the books back. Well, today I find out that one book was not returned and no one has bothered to mention it.
I have decided libraries are not a place to save money. I think I am banning the library from our home. It just costs too much. I do better buying books at garage sales for $.50 and getting movies for $1 at the Kroger machine. Much better than free with a $5 fine!
Edit: We have only racked up $20 in fines in the last two years because when we had two house payments we had a $15 fine and I avoided going in because I would have to pay it. I seriously did not go in, or used my daughter's card, during the better part of that year until we sold our home. If I was a regular I would have paid a lot more!


momstheword said...

It' funny because I mentioned this very thing in my frugal post today. If all you've had to pay is $20 in two years, you rock in my book! I have kind of a problem with racking up fines. I guess I feel like it's my way of supporting the library, lol!

Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

Too funny because the first time we went this year, I had $5 in fines from our one visit. Do you know how many books I can buy for that at yard sales? Oh do. :)

Tami said...

I am a library fanatic. Our fines are only .10 a day on books and 1.00 on movies. But anyway, try Library It is a free service that emails you when things are due. I love it and it has helped with my fines. Although most of the time, my fines are not that much. Because I read, read, read.

Christy said...

There is also a great site where you can exchange books with people, the cost only being the postage to ship your books. They also have a CD swap and a DVD swap, but I haven't used that option. I'm too stingy with my DVD's! If anyone decides to join paperbackswap, I'd appreciate it if you could mention I referred you. I get free credits for referrals. My name there is "needchocolate" or Christy Ellis, either one should work, I think. Thanks.