Monday, January 26, 2009

Laugh at me time

Because I love y'all so much the beer story of the last post reminded me of a high school event.

Background info:
  • My 9th grade boyfriend was named Shawn
  • Everyone used to hunt down the green M&Ms because they were supposed to make you in love
  • My friend Kelly and I tried beer at a party after a football game and both thought it was the grossest stuff ever invented.
  • We always went to Taco Bell -always!

Okay, for Valentines Day one of the clubs let people buy Valentine-Grams. They would go and read the Valentine in front of the person's class and deliver it. Some were songs, some were poems, boys could buy girls a rose to be delivered with it. My friend Kelly sent me one and I still remember what it said:

Through football and tacos and terrible beer. We've been friends throughout the year. And with Shawn and all those green M&Ms- well, we all know what happens then! But my favorite memory of you in my collection - is the time you tried to fly and yelled, "Fuel injection!"

(In my Paul Harvey voice) Now, for the rest of the story.....Kelly and I were practicing cheer lifts and stuff and she laid down and I was flying on her feet (you know, how you hold your feet up and the other person lays their stomach on you feet and you fly) Both her parents had come to see some of our moves and we were just acting silly and did that at the end. Well, her feet hit my stomach in the wrong place and I had a very embarrassing moment that was heard by all. I didn't miss a beat, though, and yelled, "FUEL INJECTION!" and everyone laughed.