Friday, January 16, 2009

Controlling the volume on the computer

For over a year we have had our laptop. Last night I was doing something and was trying to hear so I pushed the "+" on the volume thingy. It didn't make it louder, so as usual I pushed multiple times really hard. It is the one thing about this computer that has always been a problem, the volume just has never been very good. My son saw me and asked me what I was doing so I told him. He looked at me funny and told me that you don't push the "+" button you slide your finger the direction, either - or + to lower or increase the volume. Funny how it works now. A YEAR, PEOPLE!


Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

Tee, hee, hee. Amazing what our kids can teach us. :-) Susan

Marva said...

That is bad! Okay, so I didn't know either until you posted it. You taught me something else! Lol! Blessings!

Valarie Lea said...

Don't you hate it when your kids know more about stuff than you do. :)

Tracye said...

:) Really made me smile!

We've had Tivo for YEARS. I just figured out how to use the guide past the hour it currently is. Like three days ago.

At least we're learning, right? ;)

BTW, did you ever try making laundry detergent? We watch the Duggar's on TLC each Monday night, and saw them making our laundry soap!

And also, did you get all your free toothpaste at Walgreens this week? I'm up to 14 tubes (FREE!) and have until tomorrow to get as many more as I can! Hopefully our three Walgreens stores have lots in stock! Last time I went, I had pretty much cleaned them out.

Southerner said...

Susan and Valarie- I am glad the kids can do it. It takes two remotes to watch a movie and I finally have that down. I don't know a lot because my husband's job is with computers and my kids can do stuff so it is easier to just tell them to do it. One day I will have to learn all this stuff.

Tracye- Yes, I made the laundry detergent and it has worked great. I have planned to blog about it but need to find a price for the Arm and Hammer so I can do a cost comparison. I have not gotten the toothpaste. I will have to look at the deal because for some reason I didn't really queue into it- just looked and will print that coupon and go. I already have a lot of toothpaste(like 15) so I don't think I will get a lot. Thanks for the heads up.